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Jewellery Buyers Guide To Amethyst Gems

Possessing a rich purple hue fit for Royalty, amethyst gemstones have long been a firm favorite amongst jeweler fans. While jeweler displaying quality gems was once only within reach of the privileged rich, these days outstanding creations are now available to everyone, regardless of their budget – thanks to affordable, reputable online retailers such as The Jeweler  Channel.

The following guide will explore some interesting facts about amethysts.

Introduction to Amethysts

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, greatly admired for its magnificent, vivid color  This semi-precious gem was once considered highly rare and was therefore only worn by Royalty. It was once considered to be as valuable as sapphires, rubies or emeralds.These gems are fascinatingly unique because they are comprised of pointed crystals known as ‘amethyst cathedrals’ which give then their vivid, rich purple luster.

Different specimens can range in hue from pale lilac to bluish purple and deep purple. The purple coloration is caused by iron traces in quartz. The clearer and darker the purple hue of an amethyst gemstone, the more valuable the stone becomes.Amethysts are recorded as far back as 3100 BC – they were used in ornaments and jeweler by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Later, in 2500 BC during the Neolithic period, they were discovered in France.

Main Sources of Amethyst

Primary sources of amethyst gems are found in Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia in Africa. While the third major export country for amethyst is Madagascar, it is in fact found in abundance worldwide, including Russia, India, Europe and North America.Specimens from Brazil tend to be are found in larger sizes, but with a less intense color than the smaller varieties from Zambia and Uruguay.Interestingly, green amethysts have been found in Zimbabwe and Arizona – this anomaly is believed to be caused by the heat of the sun and is not actually considered to be a true amethyst.

Amethyst Buyers Tips

• Inferior cut amethysts with visible inclusions (inherent inner flaws) will not be a good buy. Look for a rich and uniform purple color with no inclusions, as unlike some other gems, the slightest inclusion will reduce the value of the stone.

• Well-crafted jeweler settings can play an important role in enhancing the color and luster of the stone. • These lovely gems are rated 7 on the Mohs scale of Hardness, making it an ideal gem for rings and bracelets which tend to bear the brunt of daily wear and tear.

• In modern times, amethysts are in plentiful supply, therefore they are primarily valued in terms of color rather than size. The clearer and darker the purple hue of an amethyst gem, the more it will cost.

• ‘Siberian’ amethysts, with their rich, deep purple color tinted with red and blue highlights command the highest prices.

• Some amethysts can appear pale to colorlessness in daylight.

• Amethyst jeweler should not be worn while sunbathing, in a solarium or in a discotheque with black light as all of these factors can damage their color.

• Sudden changes of temperature can also be harmful to these gems.

Zodiac & Health Benefits

The name amethyst is derived from the Greek word ‘Amethustos’ meaning ‘not drunk’, as it was believed that the stone would magically protect the wearer from the effects of excessive intake of alcohol.One of the terms for amethyst is ‘The Bishop’s Stone’ – even today these gems are worn by Catholic Bishops as a symbol of piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Amethyst is also known as the ‘Bacchus Stone’ after the Greek God Diana, who turned a nymph loved by Bacchus into an amethyst – it was though that these beautiful gemstones had magical powers and could the wearer safe from harm during battle. They were also used for their healing power in medicines and spiritual rituals.It is further thought that amethysts symbolize The Age of Aquarius, a new era of higher consciousness. In addition, they are considered to be a premier crystal for spiritual healers since they are believed to aid in meditation and guard against the influence of negative energies.The health benefits of the amethyst are believed to include relief of stress, increasing calmness, boosting self-esteem, reducing insomnia and combating addictions.Amethysts are the traditional birthstone for February but they are also associated with other zodiac signs, such as Taurus.


This exquisite and most favored of the quartz gemstone family is a must for any collection since the superbly rich, purple luster of amethysts never fail to captivate the eye. Thanks to online retailers such as The Jewellery Channel, everyone can now own these exquisite gems regardless of their budget.

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