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Buying A Contemporary Engagement Ring

You found that perfect person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now you just need to find the perfect engagement ring. Finding that perfect ring is a over whelming task. Almost as much as finding “The One”. Especially when you are not much of a shopper. An engagement ring holds a very special place in a girl’s life. It is a symbol of your love and promise to take your relationship to the next level. So, it HAS to be impeccable.

Here are some terrific tips to find that one perfect ring for her:

  • Budget:

First and foremost, set a clear budget. Decide how much exactly you are willing to spend on getting the engagement ring. Have a price range in your mind when you enter the jewelry store. You will face a vast maze of gems and glitters which are bound to get you confused.

  • Research:

You don’t need to visit a store only to learn about jewelry and gems. Do your homework first. Begin with the 4 Cs i.e. Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.  This will help you better understand the impact of each of these on the stone and its worth. It will help you in making your decision.

  • Jewelry Taste :

This is of utmost importance. You should know what is her ring style? Delicate or bold? Does she prefer gold or platinum? Is she into classics or modern jewelry?  All of this needs to be in your mind while purchasing the ring. You know it, you cannot go wrong.

  • Favorite shape and style:

While you are noting the kind of jewelry your woman wears, also keenly observe her favorite shape. What kind of stone shapes & settings she wears? There is a wide range of shapes available princess, pear, round and oval to name a view. Similarly a there are a number of options regarding the settings to choose from Tiffany to Channel, from Bezel to Eternity. You need to know exactly what your girl loves.

  • Decide on the metal:

A variety of metals are available. The most common of available Golds are rose, white and yellow. Then we have platinum and silver. These can be mixed also. Platinum is extremely durable but tends to lose its luster quickly whereas , gold is shinier and is easier to buff and polish.

  • Find a jeweler:

Last but not the least, seek a good jeweler who has a good repute. While looking for a trustworthy jeweler, there are only two C’s to keep in mind: Certifications and Credentials. Research and talk with other people. Ask their reviews and gather enough information required which shall prevent you from getting ripped off. Do not give away much for the sake of enhancing the carat. It is your money and your right to stay firm over your budget.

With the help of these terrific tips you are bound to get “The Ring” for her.

Good Luck!


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