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Buy Fireworks At ACME For The Best Deals and Quality Fireworks

ACME  keeps its customers at the cutting edge of the firework trade, by keeping customers informed about all the very latest fireworks on the market and encouraging people to buy fireworks from ACME Fireworks. Currently, there are some great firework fountains out, like the Behemoth which stands at 12 feet and can reach heights of 25 feet. It produces a variety of colors  from green to silvers, gold’s and blues.

This makes an ideal starter to a firework display. Other fountains like the Chick Stick gush out plenty of pink smoke. Meanwhile, the Rhythm and Blues fountain is described as a true patriotic US fountain, which produces flowers in colors of red, green, gold and blue pearls and has a finale of crackles. The fountain also features whistling, colorful stars and gold pine needles. Match your fountains with spinners, sparklers and other assortments of fireworks for the most impressive display. ACME has a great range to choose from.

The ACME Website Features everything you need to Know:

ACME have produced a website that will let those new to fireworks or those already experienced with them find out all they need to know to buy fireworks from ACME Fireworks. There is information on firework safety, which is highly relevant to all users of fireworks. There is a history of fireworks featured on the site and a store locator with which you can find your nearest ACME location to find out more. Naturally, state laws on fireworks are also included. It’s all you need to plan a fantastic fireworks display.

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