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Keeping Your Pets Calm During Firework Displays

Fireworks and pets can be a scary and unpleasant combination.  Most pets become very frightened by the loud noises and seeing them in such a way can upset us as pet owners.  Luckily there are a few things that you can do to keep your pets calm especially if Guy Fawkes Night or New Years is just around the corner.

Natural Alternatives

When humans get scared, something as small as a cup of chamomile tea can help us to calm down and now it is possible to do something similar for your pet.  Calming herbs such as lemon balm, skullcap, vervain and chamomile have been used for centuries as relaxants and it is now possible to buy them in tablet form for pets.  By working as a gentle sedative they will keep your pets calmer during fireworks and can help to soothe upset and anxiety.

The Many Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Not only are herbal supplements a big helping hand during fireworks but they can help your pet in many other ways too.  Herbal supplements can also help with your pets overall fitness level as they support the immune and digestive systems which leads to an overall better level of health.  When you know fireworks night is just around the corner, speak to your pet store or your vet and see what they can prescribe to help your pet through the night.

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