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How To Dress Your Hip and Look Smart

The way you dress absolutely speaks as much about your individuality. The only difference is that people usually see you long before they hear what you have to say. Therefore, if you are one of those who long to dress hip but haven’t a clue on where to begin, read through for some sound fashion advice.

Evaluate your latest clothing inventory and discard as needed. To dress hip, it’s all about your staples. Everyone, no matter what age, race, size or gender is, definitely needs the same set of foundation: black trousers that fit you well, a classic white, button-down shirt, a body hugging dressy piece for ladies, it’s the little black dress, for guys, it’s the big, black suit and a stalwart, yet chic, pair of black shoes preferably heels for the ladies.

Make a spending budget. You need to plan in order to keep organized of the things you have in mind and what you like to buy. The secret to having a good closet is to mix and match basic pieces that boast the perfect fit and those hip, trendy pieces that accent your fashion. It is always important that you understand ahead of time what you have to fork out so that you can prioritize the kinds of things you want to add to your closet accordingly.

You have to browse the latest and most credible fashion magazines and websites. There are sections in the mag that shows the freshest trends and pick which one which suits well with your sense of personal style. Vogue or GQ magazine are some of the best fashion magazines of all time. You can also check out in those magazines the best and sexiest accessories and shoes.

Never forget to hit the local department stores, boutiques or malls near you. It’s your time to go shopping. It is best to clip book of pages from your fashion magazines enumerating the looks you loved. Naturally, you can’t find the same version of everything you saw in the magazine, but in many cases, it’s not always about the price tag and label, but rather about the appearance.

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