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Fashion For Women: Curvy Jeans

The history of jeans goes back to 1873, which was then originally designed for cowboys, and was invented by Jacon Davis and Levis Strauss. Later in 1950s jeans became popular among the teenagers and thus the fashion spread world wide like a fire into the streets. The jeans are usually made form denims or also known as dungaree cloth. With the advent of the technology, the lifestyle has grown in every nook and corner which also standardized the fashion to a high extent. The jeans are a tough wear and tear material, however these days the jean are coming with a stretchable material. These kinds of materials are usually made from a specially blended cotton with a tiny bit of stretch material so that the fit becomes perfect fit.

The trend of fashion changes with every generation such as in the early 19th century when rock and roll was a hit, the crowed was following a “bell bottom or flares”. Then comes the “boot cut” jeans and then “slim fit” jeans and now a day’s it’s the fashion trend of wearing skinny jeans, which are mostly made of stretchable materials. Most of the women, they prefer wearing curvy jeans or stretchable jeans as it give much more comfort compared to the original denim material. In early century, there was only Levis and few other denim brands which used to manufacture jean, however today there are many jeans manufacturer brands. Some of the famous denim brands are Levis Straus, Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Flying Machine, Denizen, Lee Jeans, Killer, SF Jeans, Diesel, Antik Denim, Acne jeans and the list goes on. All these brands manufacture jeans for men and women, however, for women the design varies and there are more designs for women than for men. The curved jeans are invented with the fact that every 10 women out 100 will have a slightly curved leg, the same has been found for men but the numbers are very less and thus curved jeans or banana jeans are manufactured to meet the requirements. For women with curvy shape, the styles are designed in such way to fit the legs, hips and thighs.

The present generation is following the trend of skinny jeans, curved jeans and stretchable jeans. This present generation fashion jeans look better, comes in more variant color and are much comfort and also comes in good price range. The material could be same however they are cut in different styles, shapes and lengths to compliment any figure type as no one figure could be exactly same. Nonetheless, designers take it as challenge to meet any kind of requirement and accentuate the beautiful curved figures and mold them into desirable fit of their choice.

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