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Vertical Blind Buying Guide

While blinds offer many ways to enhance the aesthetics of a room, they also serve important functions such as providing privacy and controlling how much natural light passed through the window.

There is no shortage of style options available for blinds, but when it comes functionality not many can beat vertical blinds. One of the main reasons they are so popular is how effective they are at controlling the light levels of a room, but they are also a type of blind that must be made-to-order, meaning they will always be the perfect fit for any window.

What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are some of the largest blinds sold today, although that may be down to them being a popular combination with ground to ceiling windows and patio doors. They are easy to spot due to their unique design, which consists of several long vertical strips of fabric that are known as vanes.

The vanes of vertical blinds are attached to a horizontal rail fitted above the frame of the window, hanging vertically at various height, often touching the floor. Vertical blinds are also found on smaller windows too, or any window for that matter, as each one must be custom-designed to fit specific dimensions.

Vertical blinds are easily controlled using a cord system, allowing you to full open or close the blinds while also being able to adjust the angles of the vanes for more control over the amount of light passing through.

Style options for vertical blinds

As vertical blinds mainly consist of individual vanes, these come in a variety of style options to suit various interior designs. Vanes are available in a selection of different fabrics, with various colours and textures available. Additionally, vanes have different levels of thickness that impacts their transparency

Therefore, vertical blinds can range significantly in style, from more basic designs and materials to detailed styles and fabrics such as weaved and embossed vanes. Also, the vanes can be treated for more unique finishes such as metallic, highlighting just how much there is in the way of style options with vertical blinds.

A great trick to achieve contrasting styles for vertical blinds is to use a rail with a different colour to the vanes. Matching colours is quite popular, so by making them two contrasting colours you can really make the blinds be that more eye-catching.

Benefits of using vertical blinds

The main area where vertical blinds excel is light control. There aren’t many style of blinds better suited for controlling how much light passes through, with vertical blinds capable of completely blocking out the light or allowing all of it through.

Also, the ability to control the angle of the vanes means you have more control over light levels, which can be great for adjusting the blinds throughout the day when too much light is passing through.

Vertical blinds work especially well with larger windows too, as there aren’t many types of blinds that can cover floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors. So, if you have these windows and don’t want to use curtains, a pair of custom-made vertical blinds is a fantastic option.

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