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Seasonal Golf Apparel For Women

It is fair to say that some ladies find dressing for a game of golf more of a challenge than getting a hole in one. The reason for this is that the dress codes imposed at some golf clubs does very little to embrace women’s enthusiasm for fashion. Happily, many golf clubs let ladies have a bit a leeway these days, particularly when it comes to dressing for different seasons.

So what should ladies be wearing on the links during the hottest and coldest times of year?

Clothing items like Capris, skorts, shorts and dresses are always good options during the summer, especially those which are made from lightweight clothing fabrics. It is worth noting that some golf clubs nowadays allow ladies to wear golf sandals instead of golf shoes when the mercury really starts to rise. Golf sandals have the same type of sole as golf shoes (including spikes) yet offer an open toe and open foot areas for added breathability.

Golfing in the cooler months often requires lady golfers to wear a waterproof jacket and/or women’s waterproof trousers, both of which are available in lighter fabrics that neither bind nor weigh the wearer down. Golf boots are also worth considering in the winter, especially when the weather is really inclement.

Whether it is waterproof golf trousers in the winter or ladies golfing sandals in the summer, wearing the right apparel helps to ensure lady golfers enjoy good form all year round.

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