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Tips For Choosing Live Wedding Music

When you are planning a wedding, you need to think about everything that needs to be done in order to keep your guests entertained. One such thing which you really need to put a lot of effort into thinking about is the live wedding music that you are going to have playing. Let us walk you through how you can do that.

Why Live Wedding Music?

There is just something about live wedding music that is fabulous. Sure, a DJ can keep a crowd entertained. However, there is no real ‘uniqueness’ in the music that they are playing. You will have heard the same songs time and time again. You do not have that when it comes to live wedding music. Even if they are playing the same songs you have heard before, they will be playing them in a unique way! This means that your wedding is going to be completely unique.

What music should you choose?

We recommend that you try not to think too hard about the type of music that you like. Instead, you should focus on the music that your guests are most likely to like. Remember; you want to have your guests having fun at your wedding. We recommend that you choose a live band that has experience playing at weddings. This way you can be positive that the music that they will be pumping out will be something that your guests appreciate!

Choose an Actual Live Wedding Band

If a live band has no experience playing at weddings, you should not be hiring them. Simple as that. Many people do not realise this, but playing at a wedding is a completely different beast to performing in a pub. You have to remember that the main aim of a band playing a ‘gig’ is to get noticed. They want as many eyes on them as possible. A wedding band will take more of a backseat role to everything.

In addition to this, a live wedding band is expected to interact with your guests. You want somebody that is going to be able to do that in a dignified manner.

Meet with the live wedding band

Before you opt to hire a live wedding band, we recommend that you meet with them. This way you will be able to discuss the type of music and the style you want it to be played in. if the wedding band is unable to do this, they will tell you so.

See the Band Perform

We never recommend working with a live wedding band until you have seen them perform. It does not have to be going to see them ‘physically’. Just being able to watch them in a video should be more than enough to get an idea as to how well they are going to perform. We recommend that you only view videos of them performing at a wedding. Anywhere else, you will not get an idea as to how they will be at your wedding.


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