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Deciding On A Hairstyle For Your Wedding

If you are trying to decide on a hairstyle for your wedding, you may be wondering if it would look better worn up or down. After deciding on a wedding dress, determining a flattering hairstyle is the next priority. To make a decision, experiment with various looks. Don’t try anything too dramatic, such as colouring the hair or cutting if off, especially if you feel you might regret such a move. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to decide.

Hairstyle For Your Wedding

What Style of Wedding Dress Will You Wear?

While you might not choose to colour your hair in a whole new shade, you might think about having your hair highlighted for a summer wedding. Darker highlights can be added for winter nuptials. Naturally, the style of your wedding dress will have a bearing on the type of hairstyle you will wear.

Look at your neckline as well. Will you be wearing sleeves? How about the length of the dress? If you are wearing a high neckline, your hair will look more flattering in an up-do. However, if you are choosing a boho-style wedding theme, you may want to wear your hair long and free.

If you are wearing a vintage gown, then a period hairstyle, a messy up-do, or a bob are all appropriate looks. A classic chignon may also suit the look of a traditional and romantic dress. Add some detail with a glittery hair accessory or hair comb.

Consult with a Stylist

Naturally, you can get a better idea of how to proceed if you refer to a stylist who oversees wedding hair and makeup in Perth. Talk to the stylist and see how a specific hair style and makeup will work with your venue. If you are getting married in a tropical locale, then you may have no choice but to wear your hair up and use makeup that won’t melt in the heat and humidity.

If your hair is fine, this may be a good opportunity to ask a wedding hair stylist about extensions. Some brides prefer down-dos to up-dos as they have more volume. Other brides love to wear their hair in curls. If your hair is curly, you might ask a stylist about wearing your curls down and complementing the look with a contemporary side plait twist.

Wearing a Tiara

When it comes to classic hair accessories, the tiara tops the wedding list. If you are wearing a tiara during your ceremony, you will need to consider what type of hairstyle works with this kind of hair accessory. One bride, with naturally curly hair, had her hair straightened in order to wear her crown. Otherwise, no one could have seen the stunning accessory.

If you really are not interested in wearing a tiara, you have some other interesting options available to you. For example, if your wedding is vintage, you might try wearing a birdcage veil. If the theme is boho, then you might decorate your long hair style with a floral detail. A wedding held in a tropical locale might be the perfect place to wear your hair with an exotic bloom placed behind the ear.

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