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Christmas Comes With Lots Of Christmas Toys To Play

The Ringing of Christmas bells is heard everywhere in December, the snowfall, pine trees, cold breeze all reminds of Christmas and its eves. For Christians the biggest religious festival is Christmas, in which they celebrate the birth of the Christ. For the sake of worship all churches arrange morning prayers which are mandatory to attend by all Christians, in this worship they pray for the Christ and ask for forgiveness and to increase the love ofChrist. This event brings an air of joy for all Christian societies in all over the world and is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Background of Santa Claus:

Like every other holy eventhas many rituals so same is the case with Christmas in which it’s a holy ritual to exchange gifts, chocolates and sweets with the loved ones. The most popular character of this mesmerizing event is sentClaus that is equally popular among all generations; either young or brings smiles and happiness among the children’s and what his duty is? You all must be well aware, he gives away gifts to all Christians, it’s just a concept that the santa travels around the world and spread gifts among Christians with the help of carts having deer in the fronts. But it’s just a myth,it’s not the reality.

Gifts on Christmas:

Let’s discuss the top gifts exchanged on this Christmas, among children’s toys are the most famous gift.

Current gifts:

  • Toy home.
  • Galaxy returns for star wars.
  • Commando shuttle.
  • Jedi master light saber.
  • Hopkins scoops ice cream truck.
  • Pie roulette.
  • Paw Patroller.
  • Pet’scleverness.
  • 3D pens.
  • Frozen doll.
  • Lego deep sea exploration vessel.

These above are most famous Christmas toys of 2015, these are sold the most.

Trends in history for Christmas toys:

  • 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids.
  • 1985 pound puppies by Tonka.
  • 1991 water babies.
  • 1996 tickle me Elmo.
  • 1997nintendo’s ultra.
  • 1998 Furby.
  • 1999 Pokémon.
  • 2000 scooters.
  • 2001 harry potters.
  • 2003 hockey pokey Elmo.
  • 2005 welkins.
  • 2007 NintendoWii.

Gift children a Toy andbe their hero:

Knowing this history this could be inferred that this is an old trend to gift toys to children’s to make them happy, it’s a celebration for children so they should be focused more, the whole concept of Christmaslies around the concept that the poor families who are unable to afford toys, new dresses and luxury to their children’s could enjoy and get new toys to play dresses to wear and food to eat.

History of popular Christmas toys:

In the 1820s, the store in US begun to attract people by giving huge gifts on Christmas day and 1841 a Japanese store displayed a huge Santa statute which attracted a lot of children’s and parents, after this a trend started in which people dressed in Santa meet children’s to ask for the gift they are expecting this Christmas.

Old is gold:

In this modern era Christmas is celebrated in more modern form, the real typical taste has lost now the practice to visit each others home has been overcome by night parties, traditional cooking and dishes e.g. turkey has been replaced by chocolates and sweets, but what still lasts is the trend of sharing gifts, and toys with children’s. Children wait for Christmas desperately as they know they could ask for or will get a surprise gift of toys they wanted the whole year.

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