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My Fashionable Christmas Wish List

When the supermarkets start selling mince pies and Christmas cake I know I’ll be asked the question that fills me with dread. What do I want for Christmas?

So, it becomes time to start putting together my Christmas wish list. Like too many things in my life I have all year to think about what I want and what I need, but I leave it until the very last minute to decide what I’d like for Christmas. Every year I hold out hope that my parents or my boyfriend won’t ask me the dreaded question, but they always do. And that is why a Christmas wish list isn’t just a list it’s a necessity.

Dear Santa….

For all my disappointment at the impersonality of being asked what I want for a gift, I do agree that it’s a good guide of things that I’ll be happy with. There isn’t really anything worse than giving someone a gift and then watching while they desperately try to look pleased with it, but secretly hate it. Wish lists put an end to that Christmas day agony!

So in order to make sure that I don’t have to feign joy at receiving a generic shower gel from Dad or run the risk of Mum embarrassing me witha copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m doing my list. This year I am leaning very much towards filling my list with fashion – this will be my Christmas of style! There are some amazing looks out there at the moment and with it coming into winter I’m all about layering. This style guide from Glamour magazine, which is a bit like a mini wish list itself, has some inspired examples of fashionable layering.

Narrowing Down the List

Having started my list and focussing on fashion items has created a bit of a problem. The list is starting to run off the A4 pad I’m using and I’ve only just started. Time to narrow my selection to key items. It may seem like wish lists especially those that involve clothes, shoes and accessories should be rather lengthy but I prefer the idea of a more concise list. It isn’t easy to limit the list to items that I REALLY, REALLY want, but it is possible. I’m drawing inspiration from articles like this amazing and concise fashion wish list.

After narrowing the list down, removing items like hats, scarves, boots and jeans I am left with a rather impressively slimmed down wish list. The items that made the final cut are ones that I will be genuinely excited to receive on Christmas day. Great fashion buys that make even better presents! Of course some of the items on the wish list are more desirable than others. I’m not giving anything away though, I don’t want any of the recipients of the wish list vying for the mantle of best gift giver. But just between us – the faux fur gilet I’ve asked for does fit in very well with that whole layering look that I’m working at the moment.

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