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Children Pony Rides In London & Essex

Are you looking to make memorable childhood experiences for your family? Pony rides are a great way to have fun for the younger kids and it is something that they all enjoy. The excitement of riding your very first pony is something they won’t soon forget.

High Beech Riding School

At High Beech Riding School their aim is to create the perfect experience for your childrens pony rides. Their safe environment is the perfect place for your children to experience their first pony ride. The riding school was started by a husband and wife that have had passions for horses since they were children. They eventually opened up their riding school in 1972 and haven’t looked back. They have over 30 horses to their name including their collection of ponies. 

Pony Rides

Pony rides are one of the many services available at High Beech Riding School. The pony rides take place in an enclosed area on the farm that is safe from the other animals. When riding there is always a trained staff member guiding the horse and younger children, aged 3 – 4 and required to also have an adult walking alongside for additional safety. It’s import for the children to have fun, but they want to make sure that the children are safe at all times. One of the most important safety features is a helmet, which can be rented at the farm. 

The pony rides are sold in two options, a 15-minute session, and a 30-minute session. You save a little bit for the 30-minute session but younger kids may find it very long to ride a pony for 30 minutes – you’ll be surprised at how much energy you use riding a horse! Whichever session you choose you can be certain that your children are going to have fun. The whole experience is something most children never get and it’s something very valuable for them. Interacting with animals and riding ponies is something they’ll talk about for weeks to come and you might even have helped them discover their passion.

If you are interested in booking horse riding for children at High Beech Riding School then be sure to call ahead to make a booking. There are limited slots and when the weather is nice everyone thinks about coming out to the farm. Remember to bring along the rest of your family as well because there are a whole lot of other activities available, including:

  • Short Courses that focus on expanding your equestrian knowledge and riding ability.
  • Lessons for Beginners & Advanced Riders are shorter and focus on riding technique and ability.
  • Lunge Lessons are those who wish to find tune their riding skills.
  • Hacking is an old English term for ‘riding for pleasure’, this involved taking a leisurely ride through Epping Forest – great for the whole family. These adventures are by a trained professional.
  • Walkouts are available for those who aren’t yet confident enough for Hacking but that want to ride around a bit. You will be accompanied by a staff member at all times and won’t go faster than a brisk walk.

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