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How To Plan The Perfect Family Farm Day

A day out at the farm is a brilliant way to entertain your children and enjoy some outdoors time together as a family. Regardless of the weather there are always activities to keep your children entertained at a family farm, from feeding the animals to enjoying hayrides. To get the most out of your family farm day, ensure that you plan the perfect day.

Check the Weather

When planning your family farm day be sure to first check the weather forecast as an indication of the events that you are likely to take part in throughout the day. If the forecast promises sunny weather then you can schedule your day to include outdoor activities too, however if you are expecting heavy downpours then you may want to stick to indoor activities or those that take place under shelter.

Get There Early

Getting to the farm early will ensure that you have enough time to take part in all of the activities you have planned for your family day out.  Beforehand, check the activity farm’s website to see when the different events and activities are scheduled to create your timetable for the day. Events likely to be scheduled will include feeding times for various animals, pat-a-pet sessions where children are able to handle the animals, horse rides and tractor rides.

There will also be other events and activities occurring throughout the day that you may want to take advantage of. Many family activity farms include bouncy castles, children’s play areas, indoor soft play barns and lots of other fun things to do!

Plan for Meals

It is important to plan where and when you will eat and drink during your day at the fun farm. Many places will have onsite facilities that sell 24 hour food but will also allow visitors to bring in their own picnics and packed lunches. Decide when and where you will eat before your day out so hunger doesn’t get in the way of your fun.

Book Online

Many family activity farms also offer discounts for larger groups or family tickets, to save money and avoid disappointment book online if the website allows you and take advantage of any applicable offers. In some cases it may also be cheaper to visit during off-peak season times if you are able to do this, such as during school term times. If you are planning to regularly visit the activity farm there may also be season tickets available that will help you to save money.

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