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Make Your Engagement Unique

Engagements are very common, and one of the areas of our lives where we still like to adhere to tradition. There is a lot to be said for straying away from this tradition however, with a view to making your engagement, and the subsequent marriage, unique.

One of central pillars of the engagement tradition is the ring. There is nothing set in stone (or nothing set in diamond-stone) to say that your ring has to be something demure or even has to have a diamond. In fact, there is nothing to say that engagement rings have to be rings at all.

Instead, you might consider another kind of diamond jewelry, which will be rich in the symbolism associated with diamonds, i.e. symbolism of steadfastness, faithfulness and love. Other jewelry you might consider could be earrings, necklaces or bracelets. This might be more sensible if you or your partner use their hands a lot, maybe they are a surgeon or keen gardener.

Whilst you don’t have to exchange diamond engagement rings, for many this is one of the best things about the engagement tradition. Alternatively, you might decide to adapt other aspects of the tradition to better suit you and your partner. For instance, although the leap year has just gone, maybe the fairer member of the partnership will get down on one knee.

There is something plainly magical about an engagement, however they can be even more special when you make them creative and unique.

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