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Elite Glass Tiles & The Correct Way Of Installing Them

Glass tiles are a great medium opted for by many designers and direct consumers to decorate their walls and other areas which can be made to look outstanding from simple form presently. The radiance emitted by the glass tiles is a unique one and it gives a picturesque look to the decor making people awe in wonder when their eyes fall upon the interiors with the glass tiles being a part of it.

Glass tiles are used available in sizes, shapes and forms to suit and match the needs of the clients. Availability of various designs to choose from allow the designers to be flexible in their approach and allow their creative brains to work freely instead of uni-directional where in many other elements are compromised upon.

Glass Tiles can be used in various areas of application. Glass tile backsplash in tandem with matching or contrasting wooden decor adds a sparkling zing to the kitchen interiors. Bathrooms look elegant and classy when cladded with glass tiles. Swimming Pools, Waiting Areas, Centre Pillars, Passages, Entrance Lobbies are amongst the many other areas where glass tiles can be applied to get beautiful and classy results.

Installing Glass Tiles

• Unpacking
Glass tiles are delivered in cartons wherein sheets of glass tiles are stacked one upon another. A carton shall contain 50 units of glass tiles and needs to be handled with care. The glass pieces are stuck on mesh nets and need to be singled out with utmost care not allowing the pieces to fall off from the net as they may lose their grip due to improper handling or folding of the mosaics. The Glass Tiles come with a protective covering on the face end and exposed rear side. They are to be placed on ground or table with face down and protective covering in place.

• Installing
Thin set adhesives are available for glass products in the market. The adhesives are white cement based and are enriched with components which hold the glass on the walls for long periods of time to come. The mason needs to carefully spread the paste formed by mixing the adhesive and water on the rear end of the glass tile and carefully place the tiles on the walls in a linear manner or any other formation as desired. It must be ensured that the wall is perfectly smooth and the plaster is in straight alignment before laying the tiles as any disturbance in the back surface can spoil the entire look of the glass tiles. The protective covering must be removed next day after the installation.

• Grouting
Grouts of the matching colour is filled in the gaps between the pieces of glass up to the level of the glass contour in order to prevent the spaces between glasses to be accumulated with dust and other unwanted elements.Glass Tiles of various shades and choices along with detailed laying instructions are available on The website offers great rates for the glass tiles to add beauty to your homes.

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