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Electronic Cigarette – The Safer Electronic Smoking Option

People who love to smoke have a better option called the electronic cigarettes. They are found to be alternatives of conventional cigarette which usually is considered harmful. The older conventional types of cigarettes releases smoke from nicotine that is harmful for both the smokers and passive smokers and this stays one of the major causes for increasing diseases like lung cancer. Electronic cigarette is one such wonderful option that has driven the fear of releasing harmful gas

All about electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette is designed in the same pattern of conventional cigarette. They work with microelectronic technology and are not flammable like normal cigarettes. They are considered as the best alternative in the place of conventional cigarettes because; a conventional or usual cigarette is made up of fake nicotine that is odorless. We all know that a cigarette smells very unlikable; this is the prominent reason behind recommending electronic cigarette instead. Moreover, people who use electronic cigarette are called vapor as while using it you cannot feel the odor. The same causes dangerous health effects for passive smokers.


This is one of the latest and innovative designs of electronic cigarettes. Nicolite is tobacco free, however, people who cannot get rid of smoking can get the same feel and comfort while using Nicolite electronic cigarette. As it is designed devoid of tobacco, they stay less threatening to health issues, like cancer. Electronic cigarettes in general works with converting nicotine to vapor that can inhaled by the smoker, in which nicotine produces the same harmful effect as in conventional cigarettes. Nicolites are also safe to use, they are an innovative technology in electronic cigarette designs. The rate of using electronic cigarettes has been increasing in UK, as people find it more convenient, smoke free and meager health hazards.

  Benefits of Electronic smokingNicolite electronic cigarette looks and gives comfort in the same way as normal cigarettes. They have been designed with the intention to reduce health hazards, hence, carries the realistic glow while using them. Some of the notable and worth mentioning benefits of nicolite electronic cigarettes are

  • It can be recommended as a healthier option when we consider tough to quit smoking
  • It has the realistic appearance of conventional cigarettes, hence people can get the same feel of smoking a realistic cigarette
  • There is no smoke releasing ingredients in nicolite which is toxic to health
  • It carries the mimic taste of tobacco, but safe for health. Hence, chain smokers can be recommended to avoid further health hazards
  • Since, Nicolite cigarettes are no smoke, but the so called fake smoke inhaled and released by them are just water vapor. Hence, they can be used anywhere, they are not a threat to pollution.
  • Above all, nicolite electronic cigarettes are less expensive.

    The only thing you need to pay for is the cartomizer in which the nicotine is stored in liquid form. They are available in cartridge form. One cartridge equals about 20 tobacco conventional cigarettes, hence, you save lot of money and your health is absolutely safe.


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