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A Guide To Buying The Perfect Pair Of Wellies

Are you fed up with getting cold feet in the winter? Tired of your wellies leaking or rubbing so badly that you end up with blisters? Finding the perfect pair of Wellington boots isn’t as hard as you might think and much like anything in life – it’s well worth spending a little more to get a better quality product. Investing in a good pair of wellies can make a huge difference to your comfort levels in the wet winter months, and you will need to find a style and brand that suits your budget and your needs by doing some research first.

If it’s warmth you are after, then neoprene wellies are the ideal type of boot to buy but if you just need a pair of boots to do the gardening in, then a good quality pair of wellies from a company like Bogs or Evercreatures will work perfectly. You can buy a pair of wellies through an online company like Quality Wellies and there are lots of different uses for wellies.

First of all, you will need to consider the following:

  • Your shoe size
  • The boot length
  • The calf size

When shopping for wellies, they should normally be the same as your regular shoe size. The length of the boot is the measurement from the highest point of the boot down to the sole, while the calf size is the measurement around the widest point of the calf.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to leave approximately 2cms of extra space to fit your trousers into the boot when measuring the calf size.

Gardening Boots

One hobby that nearly always requires a good pair of wellies is gardening and you will need to choose between shoes, ankle boots and regular boots. They will need to keep your feet warm in the winter but cool in the summer and you might want to treat yourself to two different pairs of wellies for gardening at different times of the year.

Neoprene Wellies

Neoprene wellies offer wearers high quality boots that are lightweight yet durable and work to keep your feet warm and toasty, while also being 100% waterproof. Designed for use in really cold weather, many top brands specialise in neoprene boots and can be used in temperatures as low as -30°C. They are perfect for hiking, fishing and working outdoors, and are available in different thicknesses.

Leather Boots

If you want to add a little style to your protective footwear when walking or shopping, then invest in some leather boots and these will help you to protect your feet while still looking fashionable.  

Special Occasions

Whether you want to get married in the winter or you are heading to a muddy festival, you can buy a pair of wellies to ensure you not only look the part but also to keep your feet warm and dry.

Whether you want to go hiking in the depths of winter or do some springtime gardening, there are wellies to suit everyone’s needs and the key to finding the perfect pair of wellies is to shop around online.

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