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7 Sewing Patterns For Women’s Dresses

If you love sewing, finding the best patterns for women’s dresses is definitely something you’d like and appreciate. There are many sewing patterns available and these can be done right from the comfort of your home if you have a sewing machine and other essential equipments. The good thing is that these patterns do not have to be complicated but are easy to follow and also very rewarding. With some fun embellishments and the right fabric, you will fall in love with each of the following sewing patterns for women’s dresses. Enjoy the inspiring ideas as you read on: –

50s fashion sewing pattern

This is a past perfect pattern that has been inspired by the dresses worn in the 1950’s. The beautiful pattern allows you to wear with or without a petticoat but scores big time when it comes to looks. However if you want your skirt to look a little bit more floating, you can opt to wear it without a petticoat. Normally, this sewing pattern allows you to use different styles for the top including embellishments. You can even make the top detachable thus allowing you to put it aside whenever you feel like you’d want to attract some more attention.

Lemonade dress

If you are looking for an amazing summer dress, then you will definitely fall in love with the lemonade sewing design for women. This unique pattern is easy to sew if you have a sewing machine and are familiar with a few dressmaking techniques. It basically joins a gathered skirt and a T-shirt thus giving you a gorgeous looking design that you’ll be proud of.

Bachelorette party dress

If you love spending some time out with your friends, then this sewing pattern will come in handy for you. you do not have to pay so much for a bachelorette dress while you can easily learn a few loops and make one for yourself if you have a sewing machine, the right fabric and a little bit of tailoring knowledge.  You can get tutorials on how to make this asymmetrical ruffle dress pattern and dazzle everyone as you slip into your beautiful DIY project dress.

Strapless maxi dress

If you are a beginner and would like to enjoy a perfectly successful project, strapless maxi dress pattern should be an easy pick. The beautiful pattern allows you to enjoy freedom during the hot summer seasons and it’s both stylish and trendy. You can re-stock your summer wardrobe with different colored strapless maxi dresses and enjoy some fun.

Misses’ dress pattern

This is an easy yet very elegant sewing pattern for any enthusiast to try at home. Misses’ dress pattern allows you to play around with pretty patterns and prints as you come up with cap-sleeved or sleeveless shift dresses which you can easily wear and match with your tote bag. The sewing pattern can be used with various trim options and optional contrast band.

Strapless Ruffled Maxis

Strapless ruffled maxis are unique and you’ll always see the trendy designs worn by celebrities everywhere. You can also enjoy that celebrity look by making on for yourself. You can style your strapless ruffled maxi dress pattern with fun jewelry to give you that fashion-forward outfit.

Fit & Flare dress

This pattern is simple yet flattering. To create a perfect look, the neck is scooped and the sleeves are kept short. The dress design lines the back and front to fit the bust easily. The skirt is softly flared from the hops downwards just giving you a nice fit.

With these seven designs, you are ready to get your sewing machine rolling and come up with your perfect dress.

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