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How To Get A Replacement Birth Certificate

What would you do if needed your Birth Certificate for some reason, and then you couldn’t find it anywhere? Well, of course, panic would be one emotion, perhaps shortly followed by befuddlement and confusion. Suppose however, we could reassure you instead? Suppose we told you that it’s relatively easy, fast and simple to get a replacement birth certificate?

Well, relax -here’s a guide “How to Get a Replacement Birth Certificate”.

Is it legal to get a replacement Birth Certificate?

Yes it is, completely legal – and what’s more, whilst there are many businesses offering the service, not all of them are experts or even reputable.

However, if you were to use an established company such as UK Official Records you can be reassured you will shortly receive your duplicate Birth Certificate – completely legally and efficiently.

Why would I need to get a replacement Birth Certificate?

The obvious answer here would be misplacement – it’s so easy to lose any paperwork these days isn’t it? Perhaps when you moved house, the Birth Certificate was moved, and whilst it’s not actually lost, you just can’t ‘put your hands on it’ when applying for :-

  • visas
  • bank account
  • employer identity check
  • pensions
  • social security
  • welfare/benefits
  • divorce
  • adoption
  • immigration

What options to I have when I need to get a replacement Birth Certificate?

When you need to get a replacement Birth Certificate, you generally have three options :-

  1. Priority despatch of your certificate by courier – usually within 24-48 hours.
  2. Worldwide delivery by a trusted courier, so you need not worry about being lost or delayed in international post offices.
  3. Email copy of certificate sent prior to posting of paper Birth Certificate.

What information do I need to get a replacement Birth Certificate?

Obviously, the more information and documentation you can provide, the more efficient your application will be.

However, as a bare minimum, it is possible to initiate a replacement Birth Certificate search using :-

  • Year of birth
  • Did the birth take place in the UK?
  • Adoption details (if applicable)
  • Full name at birth
  • Full name of Mother

Once these details are submitted a search can be undertaken, and ultimately either Full or Short Birth Certificate be issued.

The difference between Full and Short Birth Certificate is that latter only shows the child’s full name, sex, date and place of birth.

A Full Birth Certificate has additional information as recorded in the birth register, and includes particulars of mother and father (where known).

Will the Birth Certificate be official though?

Yes – once you get a replacement Birth Certificate, it will be certified including an official seal (either raised or stamped).

IF you need to use the replacement Birth Certificate outside of the United Kingdom, you may need to use an Apostille or Legalisation so that it can be used for official purposes.

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