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A Guide To Choosing A Nursery In South Croydon

‘One that offers Free Places’

  • Free nursery places available?

Yes, it’s true; as it stands all parents of three to four year olds in England may well qualify for, and benefit from, government-funded childcare.

Currently the maximum number of free hours is capped at 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.

However, the government has pledged to increase the freebie hours to 30 per week, starting September 2017.

So, an application for government funding really is a no brainer … if you can find a nursey capable of offering free places that is.

  • Free nursery school places in Croydon?

Not all nurseries feel able to offer free places. Fortunately for South Croydon dwellers, there’s a first class, highly regarded nursery on your doorstep; the Abbey Wood Grange Nursery (Kenley, South Croydon). This is a well-run, well established facility with free places available!

  • How do I know if we qualify for a free nursery school place?

First off your child/children must be between 3-4 years old. This government scheme is aimed at helping working parents, there are, of course provisos; these however are not too exclusive. There are opportunities for families with two parents and families with a single parent.

To find out whether you qualify then, for further information, I suggest you visit the Abbey Wood Grange Nursery website; here you will find a link to the governments’ helpful ‘eligibility calculator’.

  • Why choose Wood Grange?

Well, if you live in the Croydon area, why wouldn’t you? This South Croydon nursery is open 51 weeks of the year! It’s well established and highly regarded.

The government is committed to providing excellent free childcare; Abbey Wood Grange meets, all the governments’ strict criteria. Indeed it stands as a flagship of excellence, professionalism within a secure and friendly environment.

  1. Trained and experienced staff

All staff have been thoroughly vetted; this includes statutory background checks, employment history and general suitability to be engaged in childcare.  Furthermore, all staff must attend ongoing training and update sessions;these include first aid training.

Abbey Wood Grange is fully compliant with Ofsted regulations

  1. A secure, healthy and stimulating environment

The security, safety and wellbeing of our children is of absolute paramount importance. Abbey Wood Grange has strict security systems backed up with comprehensive CCTV coverage. Their premises are located in a quiet residential area of Croydon and further ‘protected’ behind a shield of trees.

The children have a range of fun and challenging activities. They are well catered for with food and drinks available at appropriate times.

  1. Testimonials

One way to check the credentials of any business is by seeking the testament of others. Testimonials from those who have experience of the nursery’s service give an invaluable insight as to the quality of care and service being offered.

A good business will take note of testimonials and react and address any issues that may arise. Feedback helps a business improve its services and enables clients to assess the services offered.

Abbey Wood Grange has an excellent track record, however, they are far from complacent; the management are forward thinking and continually looking to improve upon an already excellent service.

Nevertheless, there’s an even better way to gauge the nursery’s quality of care and preschool activities …

  1. Book in for a free day’s trial!

Yes, you can have a free trial day; a guided tour of the facilities, activities and contact with staff and other parents. Read as may testimonials as you like, but there’s no better way of coming to a conclusion than an actual visit to the nursery. It makes good sense! Abbey Wood Grange are confident you’ll be impressed.

To book your free trial day, fill out their online form – follow this link.

In conclusion

South Croydon, one of the more fortunate boroughs, is able to offer free places in a nursery … in the Abbey Wood Grange Day Care Nursery!

Take the opportunity to see for yourself, book a free trial day, today!


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