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Jay’z Protege Meek Mill Has Just Followed Ollia Tzarina On Instagram

I’ve been following Ollia for a year or so on her @oli_tzari account and for those of you who don’t know who she is , it’s that girl who put most of the LA IT girls into bright-colored fur and faux fur jackets, Kylie Jenner, Kendall, Beyonce, French Montana, Mary J Blige, and many others were seen around LA in the fluffy coats ( see Kendall Jenner driving around wearing one 

Ollia happens to also look like a supermodel so the combination of a stellar business mind and that kind of looks captivated me, she also tends to post super aesthetically pleasing images but with a value or a meaning, unlike many girls that just bombard us with nudes. 

So the other day I noticed she doesn’t follow many people and then I remembered there was a story about her having a lot of issues with a Ukrainian stalker who would message her loved ones and just friends all kinds of nonsense and Ollia said she does not publicize those who are close to her on IG any longer. So I thought let’s see who she is following plus I was curious to find out who was her Moto Gp pilot boyfriend ( i am a fan of moto gp!), i didn’t find that but I saw that she and THE Meek Mill follow each other! I mean the guy is the biggest Philadelphia export, P’Diddy and Jay’z protege, the guy is a superstar with millions of fans, I only just now watched him at the Grammy’s. What were they messaging each other? Is Meek hitting on her? Is she answering? If they follow each other then of course they talk. The girl is doing great for someone that has started only 2 years ago, has already been featured by Euronews, Vogue, and Forbes amongst many others got herself an F1 bf or a Moto GP one ( why so private for God’s sake ??), was linked to the one and only Juventus legend Claudio Marchisio ( she denied that ) and is now about to conquer Europe with her latest organic skin brand Bio Lab Exotique, that literally boosts your collagen naturally and gives you ideal skin – naturally. 

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