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The Top 6 Qualities Of A Great Bartender

For your next cocktail party, you’ll want the best bartender that you can find. If you have some attributes in mind that you’d like this expert to meet or exceed, your job will be much easier. In a recent article on, some qualities of an exceptional bartender were discussed at length. By creating your own list of desirable qualities, you’ll be able to find the right bartender for your party with confidence. Here are a few qualities you should certainly consider:

Quality #1: Personality is a plus. An exceptional bartender has an outgoing and pleasant personality that delights your guests. He’ll have an excellent attitude and a positive outlook that sets the tone for your party.

Quality #2: He can multi-task. Your bartender will be mixing one cocktail while taking an order from one of your guests for another drink. His ability will astonish you and your guests, and his skill set will certainly be impressive.

Quality #3: His appearance is appropriate for the job. His attire will be neat and clean, his teeth and fingernails will be immaculate, and his overall personal appearance will be pleasing to your guests. It’s important that his personal hygiene is above reproach.

Quality #4: He has a great memory. Not only will he have to know the ingredients and recipes for drinks, but he will also have to remember what your guests have ordered. If he’s truly a professional, he’ll begin to remember what drinks your guests have ordered so that he can serve them quickly and efficiently.

Quality #5: He has good judgement. You should expect his training to come into play when a guest has reached his limit. Your bartender will stay cool, calm, and collected, but he will handle the situation for you in a professional way and with your assistance.

A mobile cocktail bars professional will be able to multi-task, much to the amazement of your guests

Quality #6: His endurance and stamina are unmatched. This expert can remain on his feet before, during, and after your party to attend to the set-up, service, and breakdown of the bar area. He’ll never complain but instead will welcome the opportunity to make your event a glowing success.

Having the right bartender at your cocktail party will set the tone for the evening. Making sure that your mobile cocktail bars expert is well trained and ready to accept the challenge of attending to your guests is an important part of locating the right person for the job. You should discuss every aspect of the service that you expect him to provide ahead of your party, and plan for his arrival and departure accordingly. You’ll want to talk about his pay schedule, his attire, and how he plans to handle himself should “situations” arise. By using the traits listed above, you can choose your bartender carefully and provide a memorable evening for your guests.

Hosting your family, friends, and colleagues in your home for an exciting cocktail party should be a joyous occasion that you enjoy right along with your guests. Your bartender will handle the details of bar service whilst you mingle with your guests and relax with stimulating conversations and delicious drinks.

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