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The Best Way To Buy Tanning Equipment

The 21st century has brought a lot of technological advancements and one industry that has benefited greatly from this is artificial tanning. Nowadays one doesn’t even need to go outside to maintain a bronze tan. With different products and equipment, everything can be done indoors.

Tanning salons have opened up in many areas that lack enough natural sunlight to tan all year round. In these darker months, customers book in advance to secure their spot on a sunbed. These are expensive pieces of machinery that mimic the sun’s rays to provide the user with a natural tan. In addition to these sunbeds, there are a variety of skin products available that provide improved tanning as well as artificial bronzing of the skin pigments.

Purchasing tanning equipment

Sunbeds are expensive and starting a business often requires more than one. Unless there is a lot of capital involved in the business, it will be difficult to purchase all these sunbeds immediately. Instead of buying new, one can buy 2nd hand or lease the equipment. Leasing will cost more in the long run but it is far easier to budget for a monthly expenditure than a large lump sum payment.

2nd hand equipment is often inferior, but with sunbeds, it is a viable alternative to buying new. The industry is large, with many tanning salons opening and closing throughout the year. Poor management and budgeting are two leading reasons for tanning salon failures, but it does provide an opportunity for new entrepreneurs looking at similar ideas. These second-hand sunbeds are almost brand new and there are plenty of good deals available. is a company that provides a large assortment of tanning equipment, including sunbeds, but they do not sell first-hand equipment. They refurbish 2nd hand equipment and sell it back via lease agreements or for direct purchase. Browsing through their catalog will show a large assortment of sunbeds from all the major international brands. Bestsunbeds buys the equipment and completes a servicing to ensure that it is up to their standards. To show their commitment to quality, they offer a 12-month warranty which is valid on all sunbed purchases.

These refurbished sunbeds will provide quality equipment at a fraction of the cost, but you will not be getting a brand new machine. How the sunbed is purchased will largely depend on the financial situation of the company. Bestsunbeds also purchases any 2nd hand sunbeds that are up to their standards and they are always looking for more stock.

In addition to refurbished sunbeds, Bestsunbeds sells tanning products and also has a sunbed repair/modification service. After a while you will need to replace certain parts and a routine maintenance is recommended to improve the lifespan of your sunbed. They adhere to strict standards and can also do modifications, both optically and electrically, to provide much-needed improvements to existing sunbeds. Popular modifications include adding additional lighting or simply improving the power of the existing lighting. They accept jobs rejected by most other companies.

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