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Skeleton Wall Clocks

A skeleton wall clock is a striking addition to any room. The sometimes brightly coloured choice available on Contemporary Heaven’s site.

gives a good idea of the genre. With a selection like this, it is possible either to tone with the existing colour scheme in a room or to make the clock a contrasting focal point. Skeleton wall clocks are available with Roman or French numerals depending on preference. Square clocks are also an option as well as the usual round faces.

Many examples of the range on Contemporary Heaven are designed to look vintage, offered in matte shades of gold, bronze or silver, which naturally lend themselves to toning into most rooms. The acrylic options are glossy and modern, available in a selection of bright or traditional colours with silver hands. The unusual design of the clocks remains a point of note no matter the colour, however. They are typically made from metal (Traditional colours) or acrylic (modern options) and because of the minimalist look, are ideal for most rooms and property sizes.

For an office, reception or boardroom a skeleton wall clock offers a change from the more usual digital display or black and white dial. Skeleton wall clocks are available in a variety of diameters, and the design means that the numerals are large and easy to read. In a traditionally minimalist corporate environment location, a skeleton wall clock is the perfect complement, uncluttered and classic.

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The history of the skeleton clock is perhaps surprisingly long for such a modern-looking item. These see-through designs have been made in one form or another for over 170 years and were originally produced with all the internal workings of the clock visible through glass or other transparent material. The early models were big mantel clocks in glass domes and it was only later that the skeleton format was applied to the standard shape of the much smaller wall clock. Skeleton wall clocks typically have large numerals which follow the shape of the dial and no back, except for the centre hub.

Small skeleton wall clocks are surprisingly affordable, with a 34cm/14” model starting from around £30. The largest models, with fully visible workings, are around a third bigger and several hundred pounds more expensive.

No matter where a skeleton wall clock is to be mounted, it is likely to be suitable. These clocks lend themselves to simple workplace environments just as well as living rooms, dining areas or conservatories. The clean lines make them both easy to read and minimalist, and the variety of colours available means a skeleton wall clock is likely to suit anyone’s design preferences.


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