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Run Wild To Keep Kids Happy This Summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching and parents across the UK are starting to think up an itinerary to keep their families entertained during July and August. If there is one thing that all parents can relate to it is that children have seemingly endless energy levels, and they require regular exercise and activity to keep boredom at bay.

Rather than letting them run rings around you this summer why not use running as a core activity to help improve and maintain your family’s fitness levels? Not only will you all look and feel much healthier by the end of the summer, but you will also find your little ones are suitably exhausted and will sleep better to boot! Here are our top three running-based activities to try in the summer holidays that won’t break the bank.

Park Life

ParkRun is a global initiative to make running more accessible to people of all ages and abilities. With the aim to hold an event in every community, ParkRun is a completely free timed event, with the choice of a marshalled 5km or dedicated junior events of 2km in parks across the UK. Simply register online with a local event and take part in a time trial with your children over the six weeks holiday to see who can improve their time the most! Winner buys the ice cream at the end…

Trail Run


Woodlands are one place where children can really let off steam and let their imaginations run wild, so why not let them run with their favourite TV characters? The Peter Rabbit Play Trail at Willows Activity Farm is the perfect place for fun-filled trail that will bring delight to children of all ages, whilst developing their strength, balance, coordination and quick thinking.

Athletic Aims


Do you have the next Jessica Ennis or Mo Farah in your family? There are hundreds of clubs that are specifically designed for children to give them an insight into the world of athletics, from hurdles to high jump and everything in between. One of the leading organisers of such clubs is Aviva Startrack, which offers locally run, nationally approved athletics clubs for children aged 8 to 15. Dame Ennis herself started her career on her local Startrack scheme at the tender age of ten years old. Sign up this summer and see what doors a holiday club might open for your child.

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