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How To Get Fit

Longer working days and a greater proliferation of things like processed foods and junk food, as well as a culture that is centered heavily around going out for drinks, means that it can be difficult to get fit. In truth, even small changes can make a big change and they can lead to larger changes along the path too. Start small and build up to major changes because this way you won’t be deterred by failure.


Alcohol is a toxin and it can be extremely damaging to your health. Whether you drink every day or binge drink at weekends you could be doing unseen damage to the organs of your body. What’s more, drinking causes you to lose your inhibitions which can, in turn, lead you to make less than sensible choices that you wouldn’t ordinarily decide on when sober. Limit your alcohol intake and replace nights at the pub with nights at the cinema, or even nights down at the gym.

You should also quit smoking and, instead, take up running. Going for a jog or riding your bike can prove a great way to help you quit smoking because they work, in some respects, as a nicotine replacement. If you can’t quit outright without help then you can choose from a wide range of nicotine replacement and smoking cessation products and therapies that are designed to help.

Start exercising gradually. If you do no exercise currently and decide to start running, swimming, cycling, going to the gym, and playing tennis every week you stand a very real chance of causing damage to your body, and you will almost certainly find the changes too much and ultimately end up failing in your bid to get fit.

Start walking and, once you can walk comfortably for half an hour or so, start jogging at intervals while continuing to walk the rest of the distance. Keep increasing the amount of time you jog compared to the amount of time you walk until eventually you are jogging for half an hour. Do this several times a week before stepping up the intensity of your training.

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