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A Guide To Choosing A Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castles Defined

Bouncy castles have become a part of our national entertainment heritage. For the uninitiated, if there are any, a bouncy castle is an inflatable play structure traditionally in the design of a castle, who’d have guessed that!

Bouncy castle, or bounce houses, are, as their name suggests, ‘bouncy’; that is, made to bounce thereon or therein.

Of course ‘castles’ are now available in a variety of different and innovative designs. My personal favourite being the huge inflatable slide; bounce and slide, imagine that!

A bouncy castle is an absolutely must have main feature at any respectable children’s party. To deprive a child of such an entertaining gift is assuredly an offence of cruelty under The Children and Young Persons Act.

A Major Problem with Bouncy Castles

A well balanced review, of any product, should take account of negatives. And, alas, bouncy castles do have one major issue; bullying!

We’ve all seen it, children sat forlornly on the grass watching in despair as the bullies take over the castle.

Who are these invaders? Well, grown-ups of course!

Yes, bouncy castles bring out the child in even the most mature and respected adult. The fact is bouncy castles are enjoyed as much by adults as they are by children.

Bouncy Castles for all occasions

Bouncing is not just the sole reserve of Tigger; it’s an activity enjoyed by all ages.

You really don’t need much of an excuse to hire, or buy, a bouncy castle. Think of an event and add a bouncy castle to the list of entertainment;


Parties for all ages

Fetes and fund raisers

Executive/corporate events

Royal Family ‘It’s a Knock Out’ …oh dear

What’s more it’s a great way to exhaust the children for an early night; freeing up time for the adults to have a bounce, perhaps.

Where can I get the best deal?

Really, it’s not just about cost, there are important safety regulations to consider. So be very particular, choose a company that has all the official regulatory certification, and a company with a proven and respected track record.

Whether you’re in the market for hiring or buying one of the best and most established companies is Pristine Bouncy Castles, based in Lincolnshire. The company manufactures and supplies ‘pristine’ bouncy castles.

Here we have an outstanding company that manufacturers and supplies a wide range of bouncing options, including hilariouslyoversized sumo suits! Have you ever tried bouncing in a castle whilst wearing a sumo outfit? I thought not.

I digress.

Pristine Bouncy Castles offer terrific service backed up by extremely helpful, knowledgeable staff. Their website clearly shows options, terms and conditions and price scales. Should you have a query then simply fill out the contact request form; you’ll get a response in no time.

In conclusion

If you’re planning any type of event, from birthday party to corporate entertainment, then you’d do well to consider the bouncy option; a great icebreaking experience for everyone, from kids to high flying executives!

You can either purchase or rent the castle of your dreams from Pristine Bouncy Castles.

Take a peek at their site now for further inspiration.

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