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5 Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

In a perfect world spa days would be understood as a work out for the mind and soul as much as the gym provides one for the body. Until that glorious day arrives though, here are just 5 reasons to treat yourself to a spa day.

1# The Power of the Mind

Spa days aren’t just about pampering your body. When we treat ourselves to something that is physically healthy for us or which celebrates and focuses on our physical wellbeing we psychologically remind ourselves that we are worth being taken care of and treated well.

Consequently, indulging in the odd spa day boosts our sense of self worth; by actively taking an interest and making an effort to engage in behaviours, pursuits and activities that restore, revitalise and relax us we reinforce in our minds and psyches that we deserve to relax and enjoy taking it easy once in a while.

Hence, to beat the Monday, winter or simply work week blues, hit the spa come the weekend; not only will doing so make you look restored after a hard week, it is likely to make you feel it too.

2# Stoptober Detox

With Stoptober fast approaching, September is the perfect month to start planning a spa day. What began as an NHS initiative to encourage smokers to ditch the cigs has now become a national celebration with non-smokers joining in by giving up the booze, coffee or biscuits to support their loved ones.

It is no secret that detoxing from any substance (whether nicotine, alcohol, caffeine or sugar etc) can have a profound effect on a person’s body and mind, and in the long term the effects are usually very positive; meanwhile, in the short term giving up a depressant or stimulant substance can leave us feeling washed out, tired, and even cause hormonal and chemical changes within our bodies that result in dry or oily skin, greasy hair, bloating and excess sweating which can cause dry skin.

Then, rather than giving up on giving up (whatever your habit), instead will yourself on by booking a spa day at the end of the month. Looking forward to rewarding yourself with something healthy will help to keep you motivated. Meanwhile, it is likely your skin, hair and nails will be in need of some pampering after a detox and your muscles could probably use some of that built up tension and toxins messaging out of them too.

3# Unwind

Speaking of tension, muscle tension is actually one of the most commonly experienced symptoms and signs a person is feeling anxiety as explained via the Calm Clinic Website. Hence, a person needn’t be an athlete or even particularly active to experience muscle soreness, stiffness of discomfort; contending with everyday life and all its stresses is enough to leave a person all knotted up.

Fortunately, unwinding is also relatively easy; make a habit of attending the spa every month or even every three months if money and time are tight too and whilst there opt for a Swedish massage.

4# Socialise…the Healthy Way

Going to a spa with a friend or partner for the day is a brilliantly healthy, yet indulgent and enjoyable way to go on a date or just catch up.

What you stand to save by ditching the pub or bars can be used towards treatments or a healthy lunch. Meanwhile, the intimate nature of many spa treatments, such as taking a mud bath together is a great way to reconnect and enjoy some quality time with a partner, or even a best mate.

Spa days can also be purchased as a gift option via The Virgin Experience Days website and make a fantastic and personal way to say happy birthday, merry Christmas or simply thank you for a special someone.

5# Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Exercise is rewarding in some very important ways. In essence engaging in it regularly is likely to reward us with longer lives, which abut the best reward there is. That said, exercise can, in the meantime, leave us feeling pooped, there is no denying it.

Fortunately, many spas, like Holmer Park to give a particularly well equipped example, are not only gyms but also have onsite state of the art spas and health centres. Hence, when possible, it is always worth joining a gym which is part of a spa because membership is likely to furnish you with exclusive discounts, freebies and it also means that at the end of the month when everyone thinks you have headed to the gym for a gruelling hour of circuits or spinning you can actually be kicking back the sauna or enjoying a pedicure.

After all, when you spend hours each week working out, you deserve it.

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