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Types of Diamond Ring Settings

The way in which a stone is set can make an enormous difference to the beauty and quality of diamond rings. There are many different settings available, although Prong, Bezel and Channel are often the most popular choices.


A Prong setting consists of vertical posts coming up from a base beneath the stone to form a seat which the girdle of the stone can comfortably sit on. The prong tips are slightly burnished over the girdle as this helps to create and maintain tension on the stone from opposing directions.


A bezel setting is essentially a thin rim of metal which encircles the stone, thereby affording a very high degree of security and protection. A Bezel setting creates a very ‘tidy’ look and often feels more wearable than some other settings as it is far less likely to catch or snag on things.


The Channel setting is somewhat similar to the Bezel setting in that it has two solid sides and no prongs. With this setting however, the stone is seated in a notch below the top of each side and mounted flush with the top of the channel. A Channel setting enables stones to be lined up with minimal space between them, thereby creating a seemingly solid line of diamonds.

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