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The Top Sanitary Practices of a Professional Nail Salon

You enjoy your new career as a nail tech and your clients are beginning to tell their family and friends about what a wonderful job you do with their nails.  This profession can provide you not only with a good income but also personal satisfaction that money cannot buy.  Clients are searching for nail salons with creative nail technicians and a clean atmosphere in which to get their manicures done.  Let’s look at some of the top sanitary practices that will keep your nail salon booked with happy and healthy clients.


  1. Keep your salon and work area looking clean and attractive for each and every client.

    Bag the trash properly, keep the floors clean and swept, and your manicure tables tidy and attractive.

  2. 2.

    Use clean and sanitized equipment on your clients.  Your clients don’t want to see remnants of acrylics, embellishments, or extensions that were used on the client before them.  Abide by all laws governing your nail salon to prevent any unwanted circumstances.

  3. 3.       Always use fresh towels that are clean.  Your clients expect the best possible treatment that is healthy and safe.  Just the touch, feel, and smell of clean linens in your salon will add to the ambiance that clients experience during a manicure.  It may not seem like such a special touch, but one which will be welcomed by your clients.

  4. Use new and fresh emery boards, files, and brushes on each client.  This assures them that the equipment that you are using meets basic health standards.  Your clients will feel special and as if they are getting exceptional treatment with every appointment that they book with you.

  5. Have you thought of using a cuticle softener?  This can prevent any tearing of the cuticle which can be painful for the client and will eliminate another piece of equipment that must be cleaned.

  6. Is the lighting adequate in your salon?  Your nail technicians will need ample light to provide the high-calibre service that clients expect.  Make sure that all lighting as well as table areas are dusted to prevent sneezing and other allergies that can interrupt the manicure.

Obtaining additional courses at can keep you current with accepted health practices in nail salons and the laws that apply to your work with clients.  You should observe each of these laws religiously so that you won’t encounter any problems with either staff or clients who have been touched by equipment that was not handled properly.  These tips for sanitation in your salon can prevent infections, fungus, and diseases that occur in salons that are not of the same quality as yours.  You learned in your basic courses in preparation for becoming a nail tech the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene in the salon environment and now that you are working with clients on a professional basis you’ll want to put this knowledge to good use.

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