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Smile While Keeping Warm and Dry

Are you ready for a wet winter? Rain is a sure thing and it’s best to be prepared from head to toe. That involves a number of choices but the good news is there is plenty of choice in winter fashion for wet weather to satisfy your urge to shop, look stylish and keep warm and dry.

Wet weather can be unpleasant particularly if it catches you unawares. The UK climate is famously unpredictable so there is no guarantee of dry sunny weather even in the midst of summer. Rain can come along at any time and getting caught out is a fact of life – it’s something we accept if the alternative is to always walk around with a raincoat on our arms and an umbrella in the bag. There are too many more important things to be carrying other than umbrellas on the off chance of some rain.

Fashion wins the day

Seasonal clothing is all well and good and there certainly are times during the winter when my friends and I are wrapped up warm but it is not usually on Friday and Saturday nights when we hit the high spots of Kensington or Fulham Road. Everywhere is just too busy to be worrying about where we can put our winter coats; there are certainly no coat hangers or cloakrooms in our favourite bars and we don’t want to be wearing our latest fashions under a coat, standing around as though it was rush hour and we are waiting for the tube. There are times when it is far more important to look good than to worry about the temperature outside.

Coat time

The modern day winter coat has developed a role in fashion, but everything in its place. When we go to spend a whole day outdoors in cold weather we certainly wear one of this season’s fashionable coats and probably some comfortable boots, whether with jeans or a dress.

Boots are warm and comfortable if worn with thick woollen socks and even we girls like to be ready for poor weather if we’re going to be out all day. In wintertime warm leather boots are ideal on clear days when there is no rain in the air.

Casual or a coat?

In the summer time a light parka may be your coat of choice because even if it is wet outside itmay still be fairly warm. Come wintertime you may be keener on a heavier parka or even a more substantial coat to provide you with warmth, even if you are only outside for a short time. You may not think there is much style in a parka but equally style may be a little less important to you than keeping warm and dry.The best solution is to have several alternatives in your wardrobe so you can pick whatever you need for any occasion.

You may have your old favourites, coats that have given you good service for a couple of years now, and there is little reason not to keep them, but adding a few new alternatives from this season’s winter fashion offerings is always a good idea. Next time it rains – you may be glad you did!

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