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Sexy Lingerie Fashions

We’ve come a long way, baby! Today’s lingerie fashions are sensuous and sexy for sure. You can find styles ranging from the very bold to a more demure look. Black and white lingerie is still probably the most popular but there are tons of color choices and prints available.

Lingerie has been around for a very long time. By the 1500’s, corsets were all the rage as women were eager to flatten and hide the tummy and hips. As the 1800’s rolled around, women were still striving to show off their “hourglass” figure and the desired waist size was 18 inches or less. Advances in the design of the corset throughout the Victorian era changed drastically when the sewing machine arrived on the scene. At the beginning of the 20th century, bust bodices were worn as an alternative to a laced up corset. It wasn’t until 1935 that Warner’s introduced the first A, B, C, and D size cups and in 1939 the word bra was added to the English dictionary. The word lingerie is derived from the French word “lin” which means linen.

The bra has taken many shapes throughout the century. Different fabrics and styles enabled these garments to be more lightweight and still supportive at the same time. The care of the garments has become much easier too. Now with further advancements in design and materials, there are tons of lines on the market today. Lingerie products consist of more than just bras, panties, and stockings. Bustiers, camisoles, teddies, and the ever popular babydolls can be found literally in any garment store. Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret come to mind when thinking about fashionable lingerie that adds sex appeal.

A babydoll is a short nightgown often called a negligee that usually comes with panties. It is characterized by molded cups and a loose fitting skirt that usually falls to the belly button or hips. Many babydolls are made with see through fabrics and lace. They can often open from the front and some of them leave little to the imagination. A camisole, or cami, is a tight fitting top garment. These days, cami’s can and are worn as outerwear. A teddy is a one piece look that combines a camisole and panty. A chemise is also a one piece garment of lingerie similar to a babydoll but it has a tighter fit. There are thongs, crotchless panties, and the popular fishnet stockings that complete any lingerie underwear outfit.

Leather and vinyl lingerie is a popular look too. Virtually any underwear can be found in leather such as bras, corsets, garters, and teddies. Lacy, sexy lingerie can be strapless or contain a push up style bra. They can have peek-a-boo features or simply be very sheer. These garments can be themed as in western, nurse or sailor outfits or as elegant and demur as your style or occasion warrants. Wear stockings and a garter can complete any look.

So let’s not forget about accessories to wear with your sexy lingerie! The perfect high heeled shoe can make your lingerie outfit look even better. There are gloves, pasties, and even wigs that can transform any body to a brand new look. No matter your size or stature, undoubtedly there is every lingerie fashion conceivable on the market today. Just look around online or at the mall.

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