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Exciting New Fashion Trend: Sustainable Eyewear

Being ‘green’ is becoming more and more fashionable as nations across the globe begin to identify and comprehend the devastating consequences of our careless exploitation of the natural world. While term “eco-friendliness” used to be synonymous with hippy trends and bad hairstyles, it’s modern-day equivalent is a lot more fashion-conscious. Indeed, eyewear designers have begun to create some truly fashionable designs from sustainable and recycled materials, using eco-friendly manufacturing techniques to produce them. At the same time, many manufacturers are establishing recycling and sustainable disposal schemes that allow millions of eyeglasses thrown out each year to be used for a range of good causes.

Sustainable Style

Nowadays, there is no need to sacrifice style in the name of sustainability. In fact, an increasing number of designers have recognized the need to combine eco-friendliness with fashion and are coming up with an extensive range of styles and frame shapes in a variety of colors and materials, all of which have excellent eco-friendly credentials. Just take a look at Luxottica on Facebook, for example, whose Stella McCartney eco-friendly sunglasses collection is helping to make sustainability truly stylish.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The key to producing eco-friendly eyeglasses is to source materials responsibly and create new products using sustainable manufacturing methods. Eco-friendly glasses and packaging materials are most commonly made from recycled metals, plastics and tires. This means that no natural resources are exploited in their production and wearers can feel safe in the knowledge that their new purchase has not caused any harm to the environment.

Responsible Disposal

Another key element in the eco-friendly eyeglass movement is the push towards the responsible disposal of old pairs of glasses. Companies are continually coming up with new policies and incentives to encourage customers to recycle or donate their old specs as opposed to simply throwing them in the trash. Such schemes include free eyeglass recycling programs that see your old glasses donated to local organizations, developing countries or disaster-affected areas where eyeglasses are seriously needed but largely unobtainable. With around four million pairs of eyeglasses being needlessly wasted, it is certainly worth investigating such schemes in order to help those who are financially unable to purchase their own.

Although you may feel great about purchasing a new pair of fashionable eyeglasses regardless of the source and the materials they’re made of, why not enhance the feel-good factor by investing in a new pair that is actively engaged in protecting the environment? At the same time, we must remember that eyeglasses are a physical necessity for many people and that donating your old pair to responsible disposal and recycling schemes will help those who cannot afford their own. Though one person cannot change the world single-handedly, every little really does help.

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