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Essentials To Buy Now, Wear Now And Go On Wearing Forever!

If there’s one enormous downside when it comes to women’s fashion, it’s the way in which the fantastic goodies you pick up today are often completely redundant and irrelevant in a matter of weeks. Sure, they might come back into fashion several years or decades down the line, but this inevitably leaves millions of women with closets (and attics) packed to the rafters with stuff that barely gets touched. And as none of the stuff tends to come free of charge, it’s a pretty heavy and on-going expense to bear.

The thing is though, speak to any of the world’s leading fashion gurus and chances are they’ll tell you exactly the same thing. That being that if you stock up on timeless essentials rather than reading into temporary trends, you’ll find yourself with a closet loaded with stuff you can and will wear both now and practically forever. It’s simply a case of being as savvy as necessary when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash, in order to ensure that what you buy today is just as outstanding and wearable years down the line.

Here’s a quick look at a few examples of exactly such essentials:

1 – Darling Denim

Denim is undeniably the holy grail when it comes to essentials you can wear forever. Technically speaking, there’s absolutely nothing to gain from having an extraordinary collection of jeans in a million and one shapes and sizes – some of which quite clearly fit you better than others. There’s a classic style of denim and jeans which if picked up from a high quality brand and in the perfect size have the potential to serve you proudly for the rest of your life. Or at least, until you go and change shape quite radically!

2 – Cool Cashmere

There’s also something uniquely timeless about the cool and casual cashmere sweater, assuming of course you don’t pick one up in a caller all print that’s a little too flamboyant. What’s brilliant about cashmere is the way in which it is massively lighter, hugely warmer and infinitely more comfortable than sheep’s wool, making it enormously versatile. It’s also strong and durable enough to go the distance, so while it might seem like something of a splurge at the time of buying it, a timeless cashmere sweater is something that will go on serving you proudly for a long, long time.

3 – Top Trench-Coats

The fact that trench-coats have been right at the cutting edge of all things stylish since practically forever should tell you one thing – they are going anywhere in the near future. Simple, practical, neutral and brilliantly versatile, a trench can be something of a functional cover-up or styled in limitless ways to really pull together an overall look. Once again, it’s a case of making sure you invest in a quality trench in the first place in a colour, size and style that’s as versatile as possible. Even if it means paying top-dollar, it’s an investment you will never regret making.

4 – Boss Blazers

And it’s exactly the same for blazers too – at least if we’re talking casual navy blue or black blazers. These are the very quintessential examples of the kinds of simple essentials that can be adapted in an infinite variety of ways to bring together more looks than you will ever need. They can be as smart as you want, as casual as you want or as understated as called for. And of course, there’s always the option of accessorising the living daylights out of a casual blazer to transform it into something truly spectacular.

5 – Awesome A-Line Skirts

The fact that these little beauties are comprehensively flattering no matter what body type you have is exactly the kind of thing you should have in your wardrobe…and perhaps in plentiful supply, at that. You might have to be strategic with hem lengths in accordance with your own shape and height, but seriously – you absolutely cannot go wrong with these awesome essentials.

6 – Wondrous Winter Coats

Last but not least, the single most important thing to splurge on when it comes to the colder months of the year is a gorgeous winter coat you look and feel amazing in. First of all, this will undoubtedly be the only garment most people see you in all throughout the winter. Secondly, the United Kingdom isn’t exactly world renowned for its weather at any time of the year, meaning you’ll find yourself turning to it on a pretty regular basis. Last up, invest in a genuinely high quality winter coat and it’s the kind of thing that will see you right for years, maybe even decades. In terms of value for money therefore…well, you get the idea.

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