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5 Ideas For The Perfect Birthday Present

Here at five birthday gift ideas to consider, whoever you are buying for.

For Him

To get a birthday present ‘for him’ that whatever he is into he is sure to use and love, consider going for something that is both practical but which is also personal. How? Fortunately, the guys at Etchd have it covered with their personalised phone cases.

Most of us rely on our phones daily and very few of us in 2016 don’t use a mobile. Hence, this is both a practical yet personal gift. Further, for those guys who don’t use or own a mobile in 2016, getting them one alongside a case is also a great birthday present idea – especially as going to the length and care to have a case made and engraved for that special guy in your life will no doubt improve the chances that they’ll use it, making them easier to get hold of from now on too.

For Her

Whether you are buying for Mum, a sister, a friend or a partner, almost every women is set to receive flowers, chocolates, trinkets, perfume and all those ‘girly’ things we go to when buying for a ‘her’. What often matter far more to a woman though is the time she spends with you and the things a person does for her that cannot simply be bought, dropped off or sent via Royal Mail.

Hence, instead of rushing out to the shops, take a moment to think of what she really enjoys doing and try to work out a way to turn her love of afternoon tea, cocktail bars or paintballing (because not all women were born in the 1950s…or act like it) into an afternoon you can enjoy together.

For those who are struggling to do that or want to plan something truly ‘one off’ let her decide herself by buying her a Getting Personal Experience Day Choice Pack which will enable her to choose the activity.

For a Friend

Friends are often the most fun to buy for due to the fact that a platonic relationship often takes the pressure of having to get the perfect gift, yet is fun to find because of the special place your friend holds in your heart. Further, friends can also usually get away with going for something a little humorous when nothing earnest springs to mind.

That said, for those struggling to think up ideas ahead of a mate’s birthday, take a moment to consider purchasing them a star and giving it their name. After all that is what our friends are ultimately: beacons of light that guide us through even the darkest of times. Hence, why not show just how much you appreciate and realise this by gifting this fun, imaginative and symbolic, yet affordable present?

What is perhaps greatest of all about this idea is the fact that it is not gender specific and can provide an opportunity to tell a friend what they mean to you without having to get all ‘gushy’ about it. Then, to learn more or get naming that star, head over to the Star Registration website.

For a Baby

Babies are not difficult to buy for; after all something so new to the world comes into it without any of the things we all need, from clothes to toy to money even. That said, with such a wealth of things to buy for a baby or even a toddler (growing as quickly as babies do), it can be easy to buy a little one a gift that will get lost amongst all the others.

Then, instead of opting to buy toys or clothes, consider gifting another child who might be less fortunate an opportunity to receive something such as their own birth certificate. Not only is this a gift with real heart, it is sure to remind and touch the hearts of the birthday baby’s family too and give everyone involved real pause for thought on a very special day.

Further, this is a gift that when baby grows up they can be told about, making the present of gifting a baby somewhere else in the world a chance to attend school or even just be registered as alive, a truly humbling and meaningful present, and one which is all too easy to do; simply head over to the Maternity Worldwide website which provides a whole range of maternity and baby / child related charitable gifts to choose from.

For a Teen

Suffice to say teenagers are never lacking things they want, after all even those teens who don’t have a gift lift printed out or up on Facebook for all the world to see a month of more ahead of their big day are usually quite happy to state how welcome money is.

Ironically though this can make buying for a teen difficult as making a surprise of a gift cannot be done when it has been explicitly asked for. Meanwhile, deviating from the list or suggestions often readily provided can result in disappointment. Then, why not devise a ‘First Time I Have Ever…’ gift? Adolescence is after all a transient time in which most kids will experience many of their first times and that is definitely something worth celebrating.

A ‘first time’ gift could be the first time they go to the theatre or eat sushi or something more personal; this is a gift that necessarily will be different for every teen, but which rather than simply handing over money or a pre-bought gift, shows that you have listened to their desires and taken an interest in what excites them. What’s more, it also provides the perfect opportunity to get involved in realising one of their dreams and experiencing it with them, which is sure to provide you both with a lifelong memory to cherish.  

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