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Fashion For Women: Curvy Jeans

The history of jeans goes back to 1873, which was then originally designed for cowboys, and was invented by Jacon Davis and Levis Strauss. Later in 1950s jeans became popular among the teenagers and thus the fashion spread world wide like a fire into the streets. The jeans are usually[…]

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Exciting New Fashion Trend: Sustainable Eyewear

Being ‘green’ is becoming more and more fashionable as nations across the globe begin to identify and comprehend the devastating consequences of our careless exploitation of the natural world. While term “eco-friendliness” used to be synonymous with hippy trends and bad hairstyles, it’s modern-day equivalent is a lot more fashion-conscious.[…]

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Trendy Men’s Fashion Tips

Men are more worried about fashion these days. They realized that even men belong to the fashion department. Men believe that fashions are an advantage in daily lives whether being social, personal or in the business life.

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